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So Muskoka
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READMuskoka: Come for the scenery... but try not to get sick.
READSpring is looming in Muskoka and that brings a tear to many an eye...
READHouston we have a winner!
READThe difference between Bracebridge and Toronto? Outside of culture, crime and shopping after 5 pm? At New Years most places make a big deal about the first local baby. Here in Muskoka I like to look at the first accident caused by impaired driving.
October, 2002
READHow sleepy is it here in Muskoka?
August, 2002
READLose your MOOSE?
July, 2002
READJuly in Bracebridge - man o' man there were some fine bitches in town!
June, 2002
READJune is bustin' out all over
May, 2002
READMay started out decently warm but then temperatures went through the floor! This year's Spring Collection includes ski jackets and lined jeans; anyone who planted early gets to do it all over again thanks to killer frosts; and even Victoria Day campers were greeted with snow and temperatures that would freeze the mantle off a Coleman lantern. This is May? I think not...
April, 2002
READEaster Monday fell on April 1st this year. Is that an unfortunate coincidence of dates, or what? "Christ is risen.... KIDDING!"
March, 2002
READIn like a lion, out like a lamb, right? Not in Muskoka. Here March screams in like a VMAX doing 160 kph on the nearby trail... and slogs out like a Big Bear loaded down with some gun-totting camo-dude in my back bush. Spring is in the air. Best to wear orange and keep your presence known.
February, 2002
READNeed I mention that February was a banner month for single vehicle accidents and domestic dust-ups? Of course not. Such is Muskoka when you step back from the big lakes.
January, 2002
READYou know you're living in a small town when you don't need a watch to time the arrival of the New Year's first baby - you need a calendar.
January, 2002
READFiguring on watching the Winter Olympic action from Salt Lake City? Here's a quick guide to the events to help you make sense of what you'll be seeing...
December, 2001
READRegular readers of this column will be familiar with my amazement at the number of impaired drivers careening through these here parts. Well guess what - it got WORSE over the holiday season. Numbers being what they are it might be easier to just say that several people in Muskoka were not drunk and behind the wheel in December.
November, 2001
READThe Muskoka Welcome Wagon seems to run in reverse - a cottage being built on an island in Lake Joseph was visited by welcomers unknown who relieved the building of furniture, major appliances and construction tools. Police suspect the theives might have had a barge. Ya figure?
October, 2001
READFirst let me go on record as saying that this month's papers were awash with reports of single vehicle accidents, drunk drivers and domestic dust-ups of the most Ozarkian kind. Such is life when you don't live on one of the big lakes.
May, 2001
READRight off the bat let's get one thing straight - May was in April this year.
April, 2001
READNo bugs... no Jet Skis... this can't last!
March, 2001
READIn like a Lion... out like a Loon
February, 2001
READThink that Muskoka is a thriving community? Well you wouldn't if you read the papers around here...
January, 2001
I was out of town from late-December through January and I must admit that coming back and reading six weeks' worth of papers was truly depressing!
This Week In Muskoka December, 2000
READ- December Edition
This Week In Muskoka November, 2000
READThink Bracebridge is a nice quiet place to live?
This Week In Muskoka October, 2000
READWe're Number One! Talk about being on the leading edge of technology
This Week In Muskoka September, 2000
READAh yes... fall in Muskoka. The leaves are turning, bus loads of Asian tourists are doing their best to keep Kodak in business, and this year we have a new twist to it all - election signs!
This Week In Muskoka August, 2000
READSeptember 1st? My God... it can't be September 1st...
This Week In Muskoka July, 2000
READ - Early Summer edition
This Week In Muskoka May 28, 2000
READ - Early May edition
This Week In Muskoka May 9, 2000
READ - Late April edition
This Week In Muskoka April 20, 2000
READ - Mid April edition
This Week In Muskoka April 5, 2000
READ - Early April edition
The Evolution of Valentine's Day February 11, 2000
"You know it's gonna make it that much better, When we can say good night and stay together, Wouldn't it be nice..."READ
Home for the Holidays December 23, 1999
So you're heading home for the holidays, are you?READ
Close Encounters of the Soft Grey Kind November 22, 1999
Muskoka's idea of a home invasion...READ
Part I - Part II
Tipping Your Hand November 3, 1999
Halloween is more than just a frivolous glucose bingeREAD - it's the perfect opportunity to psychoanalyze your friends!
Captain Crunch September 27, 1999
There's more to sleepy little fall fairs than pumpkin judging and quilts
READThere's the modern day equivalent of jousting - the Demolition Derby!
Wakestock '99 August 19, 1999
Those of you who weren't in Bala on the August 6th weekend missed out on a real treat as Wakestock '99 shuffled into town in baggy-as jeans...READ
Muskoka Driving Tips August 16, 1999
Everybody is quick to brag that we are a driving culture, something that was ensured by Canada's big open spaces, its complete lack of urban planning, and virtually nonexistent public transit systems. But for all the driving that Canadians do, it is truly amazing how few of them do it well. And nowhere is that more apparent than right here in Muskoka.READ
Sittin' On The Dock of The Bay July 1, 1999
Is this the life or what? I'm sitting on the dock at the cottage, the sun has long-since set ...READ
Truly Safe Sex May 27, 1999
All right, I'll admit it. I've been hiding it for most of my life but enough is enough. It is time to come clean. I am ready for the program. "Um... uh... Hello. Uh... my name is Ian, and the only reason I look forward to Canada Day is because I'm hopelessly addicted to fireworks...". READ
Runaway Summer April, 1999
In a world that continues to amaze me with its constantly evolving bizarreness, I find it remarkable that there are still The Three Great Constants: everyone has the cutest baby; everyone has the smartest dog; READand everyone has the best cottage.
Mactier Puddle Jump March, 1999
All those folks pining for life in the big city felt a lot better when they dropped by The Mactier Puddle Jump - after paying $8 a head to get in to the event they were hit for another five bucks to park. In a gravel pit. IN READMACTIER.


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